The Global Dilemma

The Global Dilemma



We are are now standing at the threshold of the most ominous events on the world stage, the battle of Armageddon. It's a drama that began four thousand years ago with the call of Abraham, the father of the Jewish people. 

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Dr. Robert Mawire

“Humankind has been perplexed by the Jewish claim to divine election. What does it mean to be a Chosen People? Are the Jews above all other peoples and nations? Is this a bigoted falsification, a perpetuated snarl of potion for greatness, a historical paradox or a demonic delusion? Since its emergence in 4000 BC, historians have unsuccessfully tried to figure out this puzzle.

The oddities of Jewish culture and traditions have fascinated and upset Gentiles for centuries. Essentially, Gentiles are non-Jews. Jews are the children of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob. Jews have resisted Gentile influence throughout the ages. Their claim is hey alone were chosen to live a unique, separated and exalted life under God.  It’s been a constant agitation on the world stage, culminating in collisions with pagan powers and ever increasing turbulence for such a small group of people.”


Dr. Robert Mawire was born and raised in Rhodesia, where his parents were native missionaries helping western missionaries translate. He grew up in a war-torn country before leaving in 1976 to graduate from Worldview College Tasmania, Australia, and eventually coming to America under God’s divine guidance in 1979.

For the past almost 40 years, Dr. Robert Mawire has been a pastor ministering in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Since 2002, Dr. Mawire has served as the Chairman and CEO of WRNO Worldwide. He is the founder of Good News Israel, Hope for Africa, Good News World Outreach and Gerizim Technologies. Dr. Mawire is also the co-founder of Good News Ariel FM106 radio station and Good News TV station Ariel, Israel.

He is a spiritual leader and counselor to many world leaders along with being the author of several highly recommended books such as Top Secrets Revealed and Chronogram Code.