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America’s hour of crisis is ahead. This book will reveal secrets to help you recognize the concealed keys to unlock and transform life’s difficulties into opportunities. The Master Plan is risk free. Its secrets have been proven again and again over a period of six thousand years of recorded history. These kingdom secrets will propel you into a new dimension of successful living in the coming age of chaos. The only risk you take is not to follow its pathway to unlimited success. Deep within your spirit is divine potential ready to explode. There is a master plan for your life. Seize this opportunity now! Your security in life is guaranteed by divine sovereignty because: “to you is given to understand the mysteries of the kingdom.”


Discover the master plan. With the millennium fast approaching, the master plan for our destinies lies coded deep in the canons of the ancient scriptures. These secrets reveal pathways to life success, though this world seems bent on moral decline and economic collapse.
America’s hour of crisis is ahead. However, God’s word holds the keys to change life’s difficulties into opportunities and its problems into prospects for success. It contains strategies to accelerate and actuate your future, which is hidden in God’s master plan for the endgame.

Do you feel you’re never going to get what you want in life? Are you afraid to take a risk? Are you tormented by a struggle in your soul, and held back by an ingrained negative attitude? It’s not fun! It’s not exciting! It’s a humdrum, topsy-turvy, gloom-and-doom rat race to much nothingness. Without a doubt, predictions of a global economic catastrophe and a millennium-bug aftermath are intensifying your fear of the future. Your attitude determines your altitude. Eagles ride the storm. They take advantage of turbulence to rise to new heights of glory. Eagle Christians choose Christ rather than crisis. The Master Plan is risk free; its secrets have been proven again and again over a period of 6,000 years of recorded history.



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"This is a powerful book that is guaranteed to stir and awaken
you spiritually. You'll look forward to the way God will reveal.
Himself to you in this book."

Shannon Marketic, Actress, Former Ms. USA, California

"This book is your #1 Survival Priority. And the way I look at it,
why take any chances with eternity?"

Jeannine Kuhnell, Talk Show Host, Germany

"The author is a great man of God and is walking with me
through my transformation. Read this book and master the
Master an."

Gary Busey, Actor, Hollywood