Chronogram Code

Are you wondering what the future holds for this generation? This book holds the answer you have been searching for: The ancient concealed time code given to Daniel by the Angel Gabriel 2,500 years ago. The seal has been broken, the cryptogram deciphered, amazing mysteries uncovered, incredible secrets concerning our generation revealed.


What you wanted to know about your immediate future, you now can know, it’s revealed in the pages of this book: Astonishing predictions, precise timeline to the end, intricate details, impeccable sequence of future events, remarkable profiles of the future endgame players, exact location of the last battle on earth, the political and economic pathways of tomorrow and how you can prepare to prosper in the age of chaos. The enigma has been solved, the veil has been lifted and the unfolding future has been foretold. Readers seeking to find answers in the midst of gut-wrenching perplexity and the depression induced by fear of unknown perils can turn to the infallible predictions written millennia ago. Someone was sent from eternity to tell the prophets the ominous future that stands before us in these last days. This book presents Biblical predictions you need to know.




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