America’s Manifest Destiny

This book constitutes collective insights, influences, impressions and in-depth analyses of the present cultural cold war and the sounds and echoes of the collision of cultures and the distant war in the Middle East. God raised America for a definitive and specific purpose: to be a lighthouse in a dark world. This much is certain, America has no future apart from her God-given destiny. If America is to survive, she must reject the revisionists who deny America’s providential history.


The question is, “who made America great?” The preeminence of America is not coincidental. She did not rise to sole superpower by her own bootstraps and self-reliance, but by divine providence. God opened for her the avalanches of abundance, impregnated her with vision and lavished her with unlimited blessings. She enjoys the highest quality of life over this side of eternity. It was obvious that this present epoch is one of critical moments as evidenced by the existential struggle of the poor, the hedonistic values of the super rich, the apostatized church, corporate corruption, the nightmarish living in the American ghetto and the post 9/11 global war on terror.


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Just what Americans need to read today.

The future of America depends on the favor of God.