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SOLD OUT - Startling discoveries of end time predictions for this decade deciphered from the encoded scriptures sealed for centuries. This book addresses the most crucial question being asked for the first time people in the midst of present global financial meltdown and political upheaval. Are these the last days?

America’s Manifest Destiny
The Global Dilemma
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Robert Mawire

“A decade ago, this was reserved for religious fanatics. But now scientist and intellectuals alike, on Main Street and on Wall Street, are predicting the demise of western civilization, and the death of the American dollar.

A close look at the ancient in the Bible will provide answers to our present quandary. This book assembles the pieces and uncovers the staggering predictions for our times.

The aim of this book  is to give its readers a Biblical understanding of the signs oaf the times and the infallible calendar for the end of days. The period is exact and precise, encrypted in Daniel’s secret code. The doomsday deciphered from the Daniel cryptogram is fast approaching. Down through the corridor of time, Biblical prophecy and dateline have never failed. History validates Hebrew (Biblical) predictions.

You will discover that the timeline of history is not defined by the rise and fall of great civilizations, but rather by the predetermined purposes of God, revealed in His Holy Word. Everything was planned before the foundation of the world, and initiated at the dawn of time. History is the unfolding of the divine blueprint of the ages, preset and prerecorded.

Readers seeking to find answers in the midst of gut wrenching perplexity and the depression induced by fear of unknown perils can turn to the infallible Word of God. Someone was sent from eternity to tell the prophets the ominous future that stands before us in these last days.”


Dr. Robert Mawire was born and raised in Rhodesia, where his parents were native missionaries helping western missionaries translate. He grew up in a war-torn country before leaving in 1976 to graduate from Worldview College Tasmania, Australia, and eventually coming to America under God’s divine guidance in 1979.

For the past almost 40 years, Dr. Robert Mawire has been a pastor ministering in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Since 2002, Dr. Mawire has served as the Chairman and CEO of WRNO Worldwide. He is the founder of Good News Israel, Hope for Africa, Good News World Outreach and Gerizim Technologies.