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Dr. Robert Mawire

An author, entrepreneur, pastor and global shortwave broadcaster. Dr. Robert Mawire's passion is teaching Biblical prophecy in an easy to understand manner that makes the Bible come alive. He is also an author of several books and an acclaimed global speaker and advisor too many world leaders.

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Chronogram Code

Are you wondering what the future holds for this generation? This book holds the answer you have been searching for: The ancient concealed time code given to Daniel by the Angel Gabriel 2,500 years ago. The seal has been broken, the cryptogram deciphered, amazing mysteries uncovered, incredible secrets concerning our generation revealed.

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God Wants You Happy And Rich

Dr. Robert Mawire has transformed the idea of success and happiness into something real and tangible. As he likes to say, “He’s been there, done that.” He understands what it takes to get people to pick up the pieces of broken dreams- to dream, love and live again. Dr. Mawire goes beyond the hodgepodge of “be happy” mantras and spiritual mumbo-jumbo to teach is a balanced perspective on how to live our lives. God Wants You Happy is a book about transformation and practical preparation for abundant living.

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America’s Manifest Destiny

This book constitutes collective insights, influences, impressions and in-depth analyses of the present cultural cold war and the sounds and echoes of the collision of cultures and the distant war in the Middle East. God raised America for a definitive and specific purpose: to be a lighthouse in a dark world. This much is certain, America has no future apart from her God-given destiny. If America is to survive, she must reject the revisionists who deny America’s providential history.

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Top Secrets Revealed

America’s hour of crisis is ahead. This book will reveal secrets to help you recognize the concealed keys to unlock and transform life’s difficulties into opportunities. The Master Plan is risk free. Its secrets have been proven again and again over a period of six thousand years of recorded history. These kingdom secrets will propel you into a new dimension of successful living in the coming age of chaos. The only risk you take is not to follow its pathway to unlimited success. Deep within your spirit is divine potential ready to explode. There is a master plan for your life. Seize this opportunity now! Your security in life is guaranteed by divine sovereignty because: “to you is given to understand the mysteries of the kingdom.”

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Final Destiny of Israel
The tragedy of Jewish persecution

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The Final Warning Terminal Decade

Find out ominous mysteries birthed in ancient Israel, amazing revelations that pinpoint apocalyptic events in our immediate future, predicted three thousand years ago that reveal the profiles of the players and the sequence of events in this decade.


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